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Technical Know-how

Technical Know-how

What is the meaning of gauge/GG?

Put simply, it is the number of needles-per-inch on the knitting machines. In effect, the higher the gauge is, smaller needles will be used and thinner the final garment will be.

I have a pullover from Scotland that says 21 gauge but it’s the same as your 12 gauge. Why?

Originally the needles on a knitting machine came in a block of lead that was 1.5 inches long, not individually as they do these days. The gauge on these old machines was defined as the number of needles per block, i.e per 1.5 inches. So, a 21-gauge on the older machines would produce a 14-gauge on our machines, which in turn is very similar to a 12-gauge garment.

Why do you have so many gauges?

We are a large scale factory, we imported machines of different gauges to better serve our customers.

Having different gauges allows us to create garments of varying thickness and weight. The finest (thinnest) gauge we produce is 18-gauge and this product is suited for summer or inner wear. The heaviest gauge we make is 3-gauge, which produces a heavy, chunky fabric specifically for winter wear.

What is the meaning of yarn count?

Yarn count describes the thickness of the yarn. There are different ways in which this can be calculated and, for our cashmere, we follow the woolen system – Nm. The count of the yarn is found by measuring the distance (in Km) of 1kg yarn. Obviously, the higher the number of kilometers, the finer the yarn will be.

What does it mean when you say the yarn count is 1/26Nm and what is the difference between 1/26Nm and 2/26Nm?

1kg of yarn count 1/26Nm would measure 26km in length. The number before the slash represents the number of threads twisted together (1 in this case). So 1/26Nm would mean a single thread of 26Nm yarn. Similarly 2/26Nm would mean two threads of 26Nm yarn twisted together to form one yarn. This means 2/26Nm is twice as thick and twice as heavy as 1/26Nm. A 2/26Nm can also be referred to as a 2-ply or a double 26Nm yarn. For the purpose of knitting, it is always better to use yarns that are 2 ply or more. One-ply yarns are mainly suited to weaving.

What is the difference between 26Nm and 48Nm?

48Nm yarn would be finer than 26Nm yarn as 1kg of 48Nm yarn would be 48km in length, while 1kg of 26Nm yarn would be 26km in length.

Why is the stitching of cashmere different from other garments?

Cashmere is an expensive product so the garment must be flawless. Knitted products are prone to puckering, especially at the stitch joints, so to avoid this, our expert stitching team takes a lot of care and attention in making sure your product is perfect. This care is combined with our use of a precision stitching machine, ensuring the perfect end product.

Are your dyes azo-free and eco-friendly?

All dyes and chemicals used by our supply partners and us are azo-free and comply with all international standards. Also, both our supply partners and us regularly conduct tests to ensure that we continue to meet those standards.

Do you use any special chemical in the finishing process?

We use a light washing detergent and softeners to ensure our products are clean and free from impurities such as dust and other foreign particles. We use either silicon or non-silicon based softeners depending on the needs of our clients and we are the only company in China to offer such a range of options at this level.

Do you offer silicon-free softeners?

Yes, we do. Just tell us and we will make sure your garments or accessories are silicon-free.

Are they eco-friendly? Will they cause itching or irritation?

All of the chemicals that we use are eco-friendly. We have never had any complaints of itching, irritations or allergic reactions to any of our products.

Will the touch of the product change after I wash the garment?

If the garment is washed properly, the hand feel will improve. If you care for your cashmere, the touch of the garment will get better over time. Please follow the wash care instructions for best results.

Will the shape of the garment change over time?

Our garments will never lose their shape unless they are really manhandled. Even then, a simple wash will get it back into shape. Please follow the wash care recommendations to best results.

I dropped something on my cashmere. How can I remove the stain?

If you stain your cashmere it is best to take it to a reputable dry cleaner that will know how best to deal with your garment. Do not try to use domestic stain removal products, they can be very strong and may damage the fabric.

I noticed a hole in my cashmere. Can I fix it?

If a hole develops in your cashmere, don’t worry. This can be fixed but requires a bit of expertise. We normally encourage our clients to either look for someone who can do it closer to you or learn this art. It takes not more than 1 day to learn it and we would be happy to help. For more details, please get in touch with us.

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