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Cashmere Sweater Manufacturing

Cashmere Sweater Manufacturing

At CashmereManufacturer, all kinds of knitwear garments can be made to order, of course, including cashmere/wool garments.

Our flatting machines are of the world's leading quality and technology. With simple and quick adjustment and setting, highly user-friendly operation and maintenance interface, various gauges and working widths, it can effectively cope with 3~18 gauges and various types of cashmere products.

Our ERP system can record production data in real time and record operator and quality inspection results at the same time, which provides data for us to set up factory production plans, track production progress, and provide effective protection for monitoring product quality.

Products are weaved differently as per the latest styles and trends or per the demand. The different types of weaves include but not limited to:

1. Twill weave

2. Basket weave

3. Dobby weave

4. Honeycomb weave

5. Lappet weave

6. Diamond weave

7. Herringbone pyramid weave

8. Jacquard weave

9. Ribbed weave

Quality Counts

We believe that maintaining a good relationship with our cashmere suppliers is of the chief importance and that they should be rewarded accordingly for supplying us the quality we pursue. Our producer’s hand-comb the inner coat in the spring when the goats are molting naturally while the external coat remains unharmed. This is not only good for our product quality since the produce is long, soft and lightweight but also for the mountain goats as their external coats will still serve them in the winter.

Our Manufacturing

We employ skilled artisans in our production house who are specifically trained to work in different production divisions. Each division include the following tasks:

1. Spinning--The fibers are spun in machines or in traditional spinning wheels that are manually operated.

2. Warping--Yarn warping is the arrangement of yarn lengthwise in the loom to achieve the desired width to create the product.

3. Weaving and knitting--After the Cashmere yarn is sized, washed, the artisans use handlooms to weave the yarn in specific designs and patterns as mentioned above.

4. Dyeing--Dyeing is done by hand. Since Cashmere absorbs dyes so well due to its fiber properties mostly natural dyes are used to create different gradients of colors.

5. Designing and Embroidery--This division includes embroidery and intricate designing of the product for value addition.

6. Finishing--The final task of the production house includes washing and pressing of the product and an inspection to check for any damage.

No matter how complicated your cashmere garments' process might be, just send samples to us. We can replicate it for you. If you just have a general idea of what's going to be made, just give us your blueprints or photo, we can make it too.

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