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Cashmere Raw Material

Cashmere Raw Material

Cashmere History

Cashmere comes from the fleece of the cashmere goat, found in Inner Mongolia, China, Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan. Nowadays, China,  has become the largest producer of raw cashmere and their clip is estimated at 10,000 metric tons per year (in hair). Most of these luxury fibers are produced in Inner Mongolia, where our cashmere factory is located.

The earliest documented usage of cashmere dates back to the 14th century and by the 18th century cashmere shawls were being regularly exported to Europe, particularly Britain and France. Cashmere was already seen as a symbol of status and wealth, in fact it was reported that the wife of Napoleon, Empress Josephine had hundreds of luxurious cashmere scarves.

For a short period cashmere was replaced by cheaper alternatives but quickly designers and consumers realised that there was no match for the soft luxury of real cashmere. Now more than ever we are seeing cashmere on the catwalk, used by international fashion brands throughout the world.

Cashmere Facts

Cashmere wool comes from cashmere goats and NOT sheep. Sheep Cashmere is NOT Cashmere. It is regular fine wool derived from Sheep and NOT from Cashmere Goats. In Inner Mongolia, we call this kind of goat Hanshan White Cashmere Goats.

Hanshan White Cashmere Goats live in the northern region with cold climate, sparse vegetation, and they have a strong ability to adapt the harsh natural conditions and specific ecological environment. Hanshan white cashmere goats have robust physique, strong walk ability, and are good at mountain climbing and far grazing. They have strong foraging ability and drink clean natural water of the prairie.

Cashmere comes from the entire undercoat of the goat and NOT just the underbelly. NOT all fibre derived from the Cashmere goat is cashmere. The outer coat of the goat is made up of coarse hair, not used in cashmere production, is called guard hair.

"Slender, long and white" are the features of Hanshan white Cashmere Goats, the fineness is from 14.5 m to 15.5 m, the length is 36 mm or more, because of its white velvet, it is also known as "white in white." The Hanshan white cashmere, which is "Slender, long and white", has been recognized as the industry's scarce resources.

At CashmereManufacturer, We use this luxury fiber to make yarns, sweaters, scarves, etc.

Some Of The Brands We Have Manufactured:

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