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Welcome To CashmereManufacturer.com!
Quality Control From Sourcing to Delivery


At CashmereManufacturer.com, even before your order is placed - whether as a wholesaler, distributor, or someone who's just looking to buy the latest fashion - our products are streamlined into a system that checks and doublechecks quality from sourcing to delivery.



As a manufacturer and wholesaler, We cut out the 'middleman' and pass on the savings to you with factory-direct pricing. We want our customers to rest assured that they are making smart choice to purchase high-quality and high-value cashmere products from us.


Hassel-free Sourcing

At CashmereManufacturer.com, all the cashmere, wool, silk, linen and organic cotton are guaranteed. Our multilingual employees are willing of serving you within 12 hours. Our international logistic department is sure to deliver your order accurately and timely no matter where your location is.



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Why CashmereManufacturer

We strive to make your buying experience as easy and hassle-free as possible. From premium quality cashmere products to friendly, helpful and efficient customer service, at CashmereManufacturer, it is the little things we do that make all the difference.

Origin Advantages

Inner Mongolia, northeast part of China, is famous for its rich dark soil, lush meadow, cool climate, simple kind-hearted people, and of course, groups of cows and sheep.

Building factories in Inner Mongolia has greatly increased our production efficiency and reduced our production costs. It ensures the purest cashmere, the shortest processing time and the most reasonable price.

Cashmere Expertise

We adhere to the strategy of investing in the entire cashmere industry chain, including yarn manufacturing, yarn dyeing and printing, cashmere sweater manufacturing and cashmere scarf hand weaving.

By doing this, not only do we provide our customers with the most complete cashmere product line, but also make it possible to trace each and every cashmere product's quality.

Happy Customers

We treat each and every order meticulously to ensure accuracy and high quality. This is one of the reasons that our customer retention rates are over 95%.

Although our factory is very large, we only earn low processing profits. By doing this, we leave much profit margin to our customers. We are very aware that as a factory, only when our customers make a profit can we survive for a long time.

It's Not Just Cashmere

We produce products from a variety of materials, including wool, silk, linen and 100% organic cotton. We diversify to accommodate the ever changing needs of the market without compromising on our quality.

Small Business Friendly

We pride ourselves on treating all of our clients the same, whether they are a small independent boutique or an international fashion house. All of the machinery and processes in our factory are set up to cater for small order quantities so clients can rest assured that small orders will be handled with the same level of professional and technical care as larger orders.

Smaller Minimum Order Quantity

We accept the following two types of orders.

1. Made-to-order. Usually this means a bigger MOQ and suitable for large-scale fashion companies with a certain customer base.

2. Order In Stock. Because we make cashmere products for large companies around the globe, we have ready-to-use inventory all year round. Which allows our customers to order in small quantities for a quick turnover.

Cashmere Replicating And Free Sample Making

We can make an exact copy of any cashmere products if samples are offered.

Even if you don't have any sample, just a rough idea of what's going to be made, we could make sample according to your photos or blueprints.

As long as you confirm the order, we could make sample for free and modify it until you are satisfied.

Cashmere Trim Service

Whether you need brand labels, care labels, bags, buttons or zips we are on hand to help develop and execute any specific garment personalizations you require.

Please note: certain bespoke accessories require advance notice and minimum orders may apply.

International Logistics

Cashmere is light weight and high value product, we cooperate with famous international express couriers to ensure a fast delivery to your door-step and a quick turnover. No matter where you are, you could expect the shipping time to be within 3~10 business days.

Any further questions, feel free to CONTACT US.

Some Of The Brands We Have Manufactured:

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